Agas-Agas Bridge

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Agas-Agas Bridge
Sogod, Southern Leyte, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
312 feet high / 95 meters high
492 foot span / 150 meter span


The highest bridge in the Philippines, the new Agas-Agas bridge crosses a deep ravine in the Eastern Visayas region of the country. Funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency as part of the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway Rehabilitation Project, the huge prestressed concrete beam bridge has 246 foot (75 mtr) and 241 foot (73.5 mtr) high piers.

The scenic location inspired the highway department to build a viewing deck on top of one of the piers in the middle of the bridge as well as parking areas on both sides with comfort rooms to rest. Future plans include the possibility of a bungee jump operation from the span.