Amolanas Bridge

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Amolanas Bridge
Puente Amolanas
Los Vilos, Coquimbo, Chile
328 feet high / 100 meters high
289 foot span / 88 meter span


The highest road bridge in the country of Chile at 328 feet (100 mtrs), the Amolanas bridge bypassed a lower 213 foot (65 mtr) high multi-span arch bridge when it opened in 2000. The new bridge is located on the route 5 Pan-American highway about 2 miles (3 kms) inland from the Pacific Ocean about 45 miles (72 kms) north of Los Vilos, Chile and about 175 miles (282 kms) north of Santiago. A continuous steel box girder stretching over 4 progressively larger spans, the girder rests on 10 sliding supports including 2 at each abutment and 2 at each pier. This allows teflon pads and stainless steel plates to transmit earthquake forces to the abutments. The octagon shaped piers also resist seismic forces. The design is by the Spanish firm Carlos Fernández Casado whose lead engineer Leonardo Fernández Troyano authored Bridge Engineering: A Global Perspective, the best book ever written about the general subject of bridges.


Amolanas Bridge satellite image.


Amolanas Bridge satellite image showing the older crossing east of the newer bridge.