Apengjiang Bridge Gongtan

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Apengjiang Bridge Gongtan
Liangzengxiang, Chongqing, China
(443) feet high / (135) meters high
492 foot span / 150 meter span

Apengjiang Bridge GongtanCompleted.png

The Apengjiang Bridge Gongtan is one of the highest crossings along the new G65 expressway link that goes south from Penshui City to the Youyang to Yanhe Expressway. The main span of 150 meters is approximately 100 meters above the surface of a reservoir with another 35 meters of height hidden underwater on piers as tall as 67 meters. Just 2 kilometers to the south is the 100 meter span local 2-lane route S304 Apengjiang beam bridge that is approximately 80 meters above the old level of the river.

Also along the route is the Wujiang Bridge Mozhai, one of the highest extradosed bridges in the world.

Apengjiang Bridge GongtanCompleted2.png

Apengjiang Bridge GongtanBlueSky.jpg

Apengjiang Bridge GongtanCliff.jpg

Apengjiang Bridge GongtanCliffs2.jpg

Apengjiang Bridge GongtanClouds.jpg

Apengjiang Bridge GongtanCloudsDown.jpg

Apengjiang Bridge GongtanDown.jpg






The 2-lane Apengjiang Route S304 Bridge that was completed in 2008.


Apengjiang Bridge Gongtan satellite image.


Apengjiang Bridge Gongtan location map.

Apengjiang Expressway.jpg