Baijipo Aqueduct Bridge

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Baijipo Aqueduct Bridge
Suogaxiang, Guizhou, China
(459) feet high / (140) meters high
512 foot span / 156 meter span


The Baijipo Aqueduct Bridge is one of at least 7 large waterway crossings on a water transportation project that originates from the reservoir behind the Jiayan Dam of the Liuchonghe River. The Baijipo Bridge has a large main arch of 156 meters. The inside of the waterway itself is 4 meters wide.

Other high aqueducts in the Liuzhu and Puding county region include Xujiawan, Longchang, Caodipo, Hegoutou, Qingniandui and Jiaojia bridges.

The north channel route crosses the spectacular Baifuhe and Xixhe Aqueduct Bridges.

The previous record holders for highest aqueduct bridge were the Roquefavour and Ponte delle Torri aqueduct bridges in France and Italy at 80 meters in height.


Baijipo Aqueduct Bridge satellite image.


Baijipo Aqueduct Bridge location map.

Xujiawan AqueductLocationMap.jpg