Baiping Number 1 Bridge

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Baiping Number 1 Bridge
Zhaihaozhen, Guizhou, China
(427) feet high / (130) meters high
(492) foot span / (150) meter span


Baiping Number 1 Bridge is one of the highest crossings on the Jianhe to Rongjiang expressway in Guizhou Province. The 827 meter long structure has two main spans of 150 meters supported on piers as tall as 115 meters.

Just to the north is the similarly sized Wugong Bridge.

Baiping Number 1Drone.jpeg

Baiping -1Piers.jpeg

Baiping -1Valley.jpeg

Baiping -1Pier.jpg

Baiping -1Satellite.jpg

Baiping Number 1 Bridge satellite image.

Jianhe to Rongjiang Satellite.jpg

Jianhe to Rongjiang Location.jpg

Baiping Number 1 Bridge location map.