Beipanjiang New Fade Bridge

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Beipanjiang New Fade Bridge
Huangjiazhai, Guizhou, China
(787) feet high / (240) meters high
919 foot span / 280 meter span


The new high level Beipanjiang Fade Bridge was constructed to bypass an older, truss arch from 1995 that had become obsolete.

The 280 meter main arch span of the new Fade Bridge is a 16 meter wide CFST concrete filled steel tubular arch. The north side consists of 7 approach spans of 30 meters and the south side has 5 approach spans of 30 meters for a total length of 671 meters.

The Beipan River is China's greatest high bridge waterway with over 8 bridges that exceed 200 meters in height including the Beipanjiang Duge Bridge at 565 meters and the nearby Beipanjiang Shuibai Railway Bridge at 275 meters. The new Fade Bridge crossing is at least twice as high as the older Fade Bridge located just 200 meters to the West.


Beipanjiang New Fade Bridge satellite image.


Beipanjiang New Fade Bridge location map.