Chishuihe Bridge Jinsha

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Chishuihe Bridge Jinsha
Jiaoyuanxiang, Sichuan, China
1,033 feet high / 315 meters high
1,886 foot span / 575 meter span

Chishuihe Bridge.jpg

Chishuihe Bridge Jinsha is one of the highest 6-lane cable stayed bridges in the world. The 315 meter high and 575 meter long main span is supported by towers 244 and 198 meters tall.

The span configuration is 6x40 +230+575+230 +7x30 +20 meters. The Guiyang to Jinsha Expressway also has spectacular bridges over the Wujiang and Shuiluohe Rivers.

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Image by Eric Sakowski /

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Image by Eric Sakowski /

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Chishuihe Bridge Jinsha Satellite.jpg

Chishuihe Bridge Jinsha satellite image.

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Chishuihe Bridge Jinsha location map.

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