Daqinggou Railway Bridge

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Daqinggou Railway Bridge
Maan, Chongqing, China
292 feet high / 89 meters high
262 foot span / 80 meter span


The Daqinggou Railway Bridge is one of a dozen major high level bridges along the HSR line between Wanzhou and Chongqing. The main span is 80 meters and the viaduct parallels the older Daqinggou Railway Bridge along the Yu-Li Railway line.

The most spectacular bridges along the route cross over the Caijiagou and Xinqiao creeks and rank among the largest railway viaducts on earth. They parallel the original Caijiagou and Xinqiao viaducts on the older Yu-Li Railway line that goes east across the Yangtze near Fuling city before traveling east into Hubei Province.


Daqinggou Railway Bridge satellite image.


Chongqing to Wanzhou HSR line major high bridges.