Diaolanhe Railway Bridge Xubi

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Diaolanhe Railway Bridge Xubi
Bijie, Guizhou, China
(427) feet high / (130) meters high
(427) foot span / (130) meter span

Diaolanhe Railway Bridge XubiConst.jpeg

Diaolanhe Railway Bridge Xubi is part of a single track freight line that parallels the older 2-track Diaolanhe high speed railway bridge 225 meters to the south. The newer 2022 Xubi railway bridge is approximately 10 meters lower then the 2019 railway bridge.

The entire area around the Bijie Airport is a hot spot of high bridge activity with at least 6 spans exceeding 100 meters in height with more to come.

There are also 2 high parallel railway beam bridges 6 kms to the east across the Luojiaohe gorge.



Image by Eric Sakowski / HighestBridges.com

Diaolanhe RailwayNewLonglens.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski / HighestBridges.com


Image by Eric Sakowski / HighestBridges.com


Image by Eric Sakowski / HighestBridges.com


Diaolanhe Railway Bridge Xubi satellite image.