Gongli Number 2 Bridge

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Gongli Number 2 Bridge
Xialaoxiang, Guangxi, China
(394) feet high / (120) meters high
(394) foot span / (120) meter span

Gongli Number2 Pier.jpg

Gongli Number 2 Bridge is one of several large bridges along the mountainous Nandan to Xialaoxiang Expressway that links the G75 and G69 expressways.

The route is most famous for the giant Tian'e Longtan Bridge that became the longest span arch bridge in the world at 600 meters. Unlike previous record breaking arch spans that have always been made of steel, the Longtan Tianhu Bridge is made of concrete.

Steel was only used internally as part of a skeleton core that was encased in concrete. Prior to Tian'e Longtan Bridge, the longest concrete arch was the Beipanjiang Qinglong Railway Bridge with a span of 445 meters.

The Tian'e Longtan concrete arch bridge crosses a deep reservoir along the Hongshuihe River just upstream of the Longtan Dam in Tian‘e County, Guangxi.

Gongli Number2Piers.jpg

Image by Eric Sakowski / HighestBridges.com


Gongli Number 4 & 2 Bridges satellite image.


Gongli Number 2 Bridge location map.