Guihuacun Railway Bridge

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Guihuacun Railway Bridge
Wushan, Chongqing, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
262 foot span / 80 meter span

Guihuacun railway sideview.jpg

Guihuacun Railway Bridge is one of several spectacular crossings on the heavily tunneled Zhengzhou to Chongqing high speed railway that skirts through the mountains along the famous 3 Gorges region of Hubei and Chongqing Provinces.

The giant 726.45 meter long double track multi-span concrete beam crossing is located just east of the 300 meter span Daninghe Railway arch bridge. There are dozens of boat tours that ply up the Daning River over the deep waters of the reservoir that formed from the giant 3 Gorges Dam.

Other big bridges include a 340 meter concrete arch over the Meixi River, a 200 meter beam-arch span over the Pengxi River, a 260 meter beam-arch over the Shennongxi and a beam-arch over the Tangxi Rivers.

Guihuacun railway aerial.jpg

Guihuacun railway closure 20200612.jpg


Guihuacun Railway Bridge satellite image.





Guihuacun Railway Bridge location map.