Huangni Liangzi Bridge

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Huangni Liangzi Bridge
Gantang, Sichuan, China
(541) feet high / (165) meters high
1,640 foot span / 500 meter span

Huangni Liangzi2.jpeg

One of several high spans that cross over the giant Yalong River in Sichuan Province, the Huangni Liangzi Bridge bypasses an old ferry crossing that once connected Yanyuang and Dechang counties. The 500 meter main span crosses approximately 50 meters above the deep waters of the reservoir that was created by the 240 meter tall Ertan Dam.

The 2-lane Huangni Liangzi Bridge has a width of 12 meters and a total length of 626 meters.

Huangni Liangzi3.jpg

Huangni Liangzi Render.jpg


Huangni Liangzi Bridge satellite image.



Huangni Liangzi Bridge location map.