Jiangdihe Bridge

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Jiangdihe Bridge
Yongren, Yunnan, China
1,155 feet high / 352 meters high
3,018 foot span / 920 meter span


The 3rd largest and highest suspension bridge span in Yunnan Province, the sleek and beautiful Jiangdihe Bridge soars more then 350 meters above a remote, V-shaped canyon on the S35 Yongren to Dayao Expressway. Only the Jin'an and Puli Bridges have higher suspension decks in Yunnan Province. Jiangdihe's 920 meter tower to tower span length is only exceeded by Jin'an and Longjiang suspension bridges within Yunnan.

Yunnan Province was the first to use a thin, steel box deck on a high suspension bridge within China as seen on the 2015 Puli and 2016 Longjiang Bridges. The 2023 Jiangdihe Bridge continues this steel box tradition making for a more streamlined profile that seems to defy gravity as the deck floats in the air above the vast space of the Jiangdi River gorge. The total length of the bridge is 1,668 meters including approach spans.

On the south side of the Jiangdihe Bridge there is a tourist overlook and parking area.

Jiangdihe Bridge Elevation

Jiangdihe Bridge location.jpg

Jiangdihe New920mtrSpan&engineer.jpg


An earlier Jiangdihe Bridge truss design with a shorter main span of 800 meters and a height of only 340 meters.


Jiangdihe Bridge satellite image.


Jiangdihe Bridge location map.


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