Jiangyuanhe Bridge

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Jiangyuanhe Bridge
Xunyi, Shaanxi, China
(492) feet high / (150) meters high
541 foot span / 165 meter span


One of the last expressways to be built outward from the colossal city of Xian, the 94 kilometer Xianyang-Chunhua-Xunyi Expressway is a typical Shaanxi Province artery that crosses large plateaus punctuated by several deep canyons. Jiangyuanhe Bridge is one of 4 beam bridge giants on the northern end that have skyscraper-sized piers including the 183 meter monsters of the Sanshuihe Bridge - the world's largest beam bridge viaduct.

Located at kilometer 72, Jiangyuanhe has 3 large central spans of 165 meters resting on piers 80, 122, 132 and 127 meters tall. The total length of the bridge is 958 meters.


Jiangyuanhe Bridge satellite image. The bridge will cross the left valley.


Jiangyuanhe Bridge location map.


Xianyang-Chunhua-Xunyi Expressway north of Xian.