Jinshajiang Bridge Chuandian

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Jinshajiang Bridge Chuandian
Hulukouzhen, Sichuan, China
1,181 feet high / 360 meters high
3,478 foot span / 1,060 meter span


Jinshajiang Bridge Chuandian is the northernmost high bridge on the Dongchuan Gele to Qiaojia Hulukou expressway that runs along the east side of the great Jinshajiang River in Yunnan Province. The route joins the G4216 Expressway 10 kilometers to the north. The main span of 1,060 meters is joined by two short beam spans of 40 meters on the east slope. The cable span configuration is 172+1060+230 with a distance of 27.5 meters between the two cables.

Just a kilometer upstream of the Chuandian Bridge is the 2-lane Hulukou Bridge that crosses the Jinshajiang more than 100 meters lower in elevation. Both suspension bridges cross over the deep reservoir formed by the 277 meter tall Baihetan Dam.

The original town of Hulukouzhen is now hidden under more than 100 meters of water. The original 160 meter span arch bridge that once carried local roads S303, S212 and S310 is also forever entombed by the dark waters of the great Jinshshajiang (Yangtze River).

Located 37 kilometers downstream of the suspension bridges, the Baihetan Dam is one of the 5 largest hydroelectric dam producers in the world.

The lake is so deep and long that a second large suspension bridge was constructed 110 kilometers from the dam near Gele, Yunnan Province. Known as the Jindong Jinshajiang Bridge, the 914 meter long structure has a main span of 730 meters.




Jinshajiang Bridge ChuandianTowersCatwalk.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge ChuandianTowerCrane.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge ChuandianTowerCompleted.jpg


Jinshajiang NingnanUno Panorama.jpg


Jinshajiang NingnanEastSlopeWater.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge Hulukou and Qiaojia.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge Hulukou and Qiaojia3.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge Ningnan RenderNew.jpg

Early render of Jinshajiang Bridge Chuandian.


Hulukouzhen town before it was abandoned from the rising lake behind Baihetan Dam.

BaihetanDamModel copy.jpg

Baihetan Dam model.

BaihetanDamDiagram copy.jpg

BaihetanDamModel2 copy.jpg


Construction access bridges across the Jinshajiang River near the Baihetan Dam construction site.


Another set of catenary construction access bridges near the Baihetan Dam.

JinshaDams&Lakes copy.jpg

Diagram showing the 6 great dams of the Yangtze and Jinshajiang Rivers.

Jinshajiang Bridge NingnanSatellite.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge Chuandian satellite image.

Jinshajiang Bridge NingnanSatelliteWide.jpg


Jinshajiang Bridge Chuandian location map.