Jinshajiang Bridge Xinshi

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Jinshajiang Bridge Xinshi
Xinshizhen, Sichuan, China
(623) feet high / (190) meters high
2,231 foot span / 680 meter span

Jinshajiang Bridge Xinshi Render.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge Xinshi might not be the highest or largest cable stayed bridge in China but it is one of the tallest ever built with towers 297.5 and 290 meters tall. The 1,288 meter long main structure has a span configuration of 304+680+304 meters with the deck approximately 120 meters above the full level of the Jinshajiang reservoir.

The Jinshajiang crossing is part of a cluster of high bridges where several tributaries of the G4216 Yibin to Panzhihua Expressway meet at the mouths of the Zhongduhe and Xi'ninghe Rivers. The short expressway links Sujiang City and Xinshizhen.

Jinshajiang Bridge Xinshi Elevation.jpg


Zhongduhe Xinshi Bridge in the foreground.


Old tower design of the Jinshajiang Bridge Xinshi.

Jinshajiang Bridge XinshiPiersProgress.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge Xinshi Area.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge XinshiSatellite.jpg

Jinshajiang Bridge Xinshi satellite image.


Jinshajiang Bridge Xinshi location map.