Jinshajiang Wudongde Bridge

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Jinshajiang Wudongde Bridge
Hemenkou, Sichuan, China
1,591 feet high / 485 meters high
3,871 foot span / 1,180 meter span

Wudongde Jinsha River Close.jpg

The Jinshajiang Wudongde Bridge is one of China's highest suspension bridges with a deck almost 500 meters above the original level of the Jinshajiang River. The main span of 1,180 meters is supported by towers as tall as 297 meters to the cable saddle and over 300 meters to the tower top. The original design for a stiffened steel truss deck was changed to a steel box.

The crossing spans over the deep waters of the Wudongde Dam reservoir that extends for dozens of kilometers along China's famous Jinshajiang (Yangtze River). The full reservoir surface is approximately 145 meters above the original 830 meter level of the Jinshajiang River. The steel box road deck is 340 meters above the full reservoir surface

The Wudongde Bridge is the main project along the Huili-Luquan Expressway that goes from the G4216 Yibin-Panzhihua Expressway in Huidong to the Wudongde-Luquan Expressway in Yunnan Province.

Huili-Luquan Expressway Sichuan border 1180mtrSpan 297mtrTall.jpg

Wudongde Jinsha Render2.jpg


Jinshajiang Wudongde Bridge satellite image.


Jinshajiang Wudongde Bridge location map.

Huili-Luquan Expressway Map.jpg


Wudongde Dam drawing.







JinshaDams&Lakes copy.jpg

Diagram showing the 6 great dams of the Yangtze and Jinshajiang Rivers.