Kusma-Gyadi Bridge

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Kushma-Gyadi Bridge
Kushma-Katuwachaupari Bridge
Modi River Bridge
Kusma, Parbat, Nepal
384 feet high / 117 meters high
1,128 foot span / 344 meter span


Image by ekantipur.com

Announced at the beginning of 2008 and completed in early 2010, the huge Kushma-Gyadi catenary suspension footbridge is one of the world’s highest of its type. Crossing 384 feet (117 mtrs) above the Madi River, the trail bridge is also one of Nepal’s longest with a span of 1,128 feet (344 mtrs).

Kushma Gyandi 01.JPG

A view looking downstream. Image by Narayan Gurung.

Kushma Gyandi 02.JPG

A view looking upstream. Image by Narayan Gurung.


Image by Basu Dahal.


Image by Basu Dahal.


Image by Basu Dahal.


Image by Basu Dahal.


A view of the Modi River valley from the bridge.


The map shows the probable location of the bridge crossing just south of Kusma over the unmarked Modi River gorge. The mighty Kali-Gandaki River lies just to the west.

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