Laoshanpo Exit Bridge

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Laoshanpo Exit Bridge
Mezhanzhen, Guizhou, China
(295) feet high / (90) meters high
230 foot span / 70 meter span

Laoshanpo Exit Prob2x70.jpg

Laoshanpo Exit Bridge is located on a remote section of the Weining to Xuanwei Expressway in Guizhou Province not far from the border with Yunnan Province. Just to the north of the Laoshanpo Exit Bridge is the Laoshanpo Bridge with a main span of 100 meters.

Further to the south is the even more spectacular Keduhe River beam bridge crossing on the border between Guizhou and Yunnan. The Kedu River is part of the upper reaches of the great Beipanjiang River which is home to more super high bridges then any other waterway on earth. The Yunnan section of expressway is 48.585 kilometers with 26.27 kilometers in Guizhou Province.


Laoshanpo Bridge in the upper right and the Laoshanpo Exit Bridge in the middle.

Laoshanpo Exit2.jpg


Keduhe Bridge.


Laoshanpo Exit Bridge satellite image.



Laoshanpo Exit Bridge location map.