Larzenbach Bridge

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Larzenbach Bridge
Talübergang Larzenbach
Hüttau, Salzburg, Austria
375 feet high / 114 meters high
230 foot span / 70 meter span


Image by InViennaVeritas.

The Talübergang Larzenbach is a twin span viaduct on Austria’s A10 Tauern Autobahn. With a maximum pier height of 331 feet (101 mtrs), the bridge curves across a deep mountain gully. Maximum span length is 230 feet (70 mtrs).

The Tauern Autobahn has several other high bridges including the Kremsbrücke on the Lieser valley section which stands at least 328 feet (100 mtrs) high and the Talübergang Leoben and Eisentratten - both in the 295 foot (90 mtr) range and also in the Lieser River valley.


Larzenbach Bridge satellite image.