Liangqugou Bridge

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Liangqugou Bridge
Yonghezhen, Gansu, China
(427) feet high / (130) meters high
459 foot span / 140 meter span


Liangqugou Bridge is one of many high beam spans on the northern end of the Yinchuan to Baise stretch of the G69 expressway in Gansu Province. The two main spans of 140 meters have a unique corrugated steel wall that is becoming more popular throughout China on bridges since 2020.

The total length of Liangqugou Bridge is 758 meters consisting of a span configuration of 75+2x140+75 meters on piers as tall as 118.5 meters.

Just to the north and south of Liangqugou Bridge are the gargantuan Zhidanghe and Sanshuihe viaducts with piers 183 and 175 meters tall making them among northern China's highest bridges.


Liangqugou Bridge satellite image.


Liangqugou Bridge location map.