Longjiang River Bridge

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Longjiang River Bridge
Wuhexiang, Yunnan, China
958 feet high / 292 meters high
3,924 foot span / 1,196 meter span

The Longjiang River is the largest obstacle along a new spur expressway that will branch off from the G56 to the city of Tengchong in western Yunnan Province. To get across the 300 meter deep river gorge, the engineers have designed the longest span high bridge on earth with a tower to tower distance of 3,924 feet (1,196 meters) - nearly as long as the Golden Gate Bridge. Longjiang will surpass the distance of both Aizhai and Balinghe Bridges which previously held the long span record honors among the world's highest bridges.

The Longjiang crossing will also be unique among China's big mountain suspension bridges with a thin steel box girder deck that breaks away from the traditional truss deck used on earlier bridges like Siduhe, Balinghe, Lishuihe and Aizhai. The upcoming Puli Bridge in eastern Yunnan will also have a steel box deck. The two towers on Longjiang will measure 548 feet (167 meters) and 393 feet (120 meters) high.

Longjiang River Bridge Elevation

Longjiang Bridge deck cross section.

Longjiang Bridge tower elevations.

The main cable cross section showing the order in which the smaller hexagon bundles will be placed during the process of cable spinning.

A number of borings were made at different points on the river slopes. The pieces are numbered to show the ground composition at progressively deeper elevations. The location of the borings are indicated by highway kilometer points.

Longjiang Bridge and highway location map.

A satellite view of the Longjiang Bridge site with the main span drawn in.

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