Loreto Bridge

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Loreto Bridge
Ponte Loreto
Triora Bridge
Ponte Triora
Triora, Liguria, Italy
390 feet high / 119 meters high
(276) foot span / (84) meter span

Ponte di Loreto By sanremonews.jpg

Image by sanremonews.

A unique frame bridge with an Italian style “belly” span in the center, the Loreto bridge crosses a deep gorge in the mountainous Liguria region of Italy. Since the frame or arch effect of compression does not occur across the central span, the Triora or Loreto bridge could also be considered a beam bridge with inclined piers. However you define it, the bridge will always be picture perfect in its remote setting next to a small church. Bungee jumping groups used to jump from the bridge but there is now high fencing along the edges.

The total length of the bridge is 143 meters.

1Loreto ponte.JPG


Image by ABiondo.


Image by Museo Triora.





Loreto Bridge satellite image.


Loreto Bridge location map.