Mamoiada Viaduct

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Mamoiada Viaduct
Viadotto Mamoiada
Mamoiada, Sardinia, Italy
394 feet high / 120 meters high
230 foot span / 70 meter span


Hidden on the island of Sardinia on the Nuoro-Lanusei expressway are two back to back beam bridge viaducts. Located just north of Mamoiada, the first one (from south, Sa Pruna, 620 mtrs) is on a straight alignment and is reported to be 394 feet (120 mtrs) high while the curved viaduct (Navile viaduct, 780 mtrs) is in the 328 foot (100 mtr) height range. Both have spans of 230 feet (70 mtrs).


3Mamoiada-NuoroAerial .jpg

Mamoiada Viaduct satellite image.

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