Motanyunqiao Footbridge

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Motanyunqiao Footbridge
Gaopingzhen, Hubei, China
(230) feet high / (70) meters high
(492) foot span / (150) meter span

Motanyunqiao Footbridge1.jpg

Located within the spectacular Shimen River canyon near Gaoping town in Hubei Province, the Motanyunqiao Footbridge is a unique single tower suspension crossing with a span of approximately 150 meters. The centerline of the deck has a powered speedwalk conveyor.

The entire area around the Shimen and Yesan River canyon confluence is filled with high bridges. The first was the Yesanhe arch bridge that opened in 1977 and became the first bridge in China to surpass 100 meters in height. That was followed in later years by the Yesanhe G50 Expressway Bridge, the Yesanhe Railway Bridge and the Yesanhe Pipeline Bridge as well as a local 2-lane arch bridge across the Shimen River sometime around 2015. More recently the Shimenhe Glass Footbridge was added to this special collection of high bridges.

Motanyunqiao Footbridge2.jpg

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Motanyunqiao Footbridge5.jpg

Motanyunqiao FootbridgeSatellite.jpg

Motanyunqiao Footbridge satellite image.

Motanyunqiao FootbridgeSatelliteWide.jpg


Motanyunqiao Footbridge location map.