Niouc Footbridge

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Niouc Footbridge
Pont Niouc
Niouc, Valais, Switzerland
623 feet high / 190 meters high
623 foot span / 190 meter span


Constructed in 1922 to carry water across the deep gorge of the Navizence River, the Niouc catenary suspension span is the second highest pipeline and fourth highest permanent suspension footbridge in the world as well as Switzerland’s highest bridge ever at 623 feet (190 meters). From 1922 to 1929 the span was also the highest bridge in the world until the Royal Gorge suspension bridge was completed in the U.S. state of Colorado.

Two steel cables support the pipeline and a narrow V-shaped “cage” that stiffens the bridge as well as supporting a wood planked walkway. In 1996 the bridge was renovated and rechristened as Europe’s highest bungy bridge. Located in the small town of Niouc in the Val d’ Anniviers region of Switzerland, the Maxi-Fun Sport & Adventure park also has a bridge swing, zip line, trampoline, loop swing and picnic and barbecue areas. Thrill seekers can find out more at their official web site There are also many Niouc bridge bungy videos on the web.


Image by bungyniouc.


Image by bungyniouc.


Image by bungyniouc.

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Image by bungyniouc.


L'Association des amis du pont suspendu de Niouc.jpg

Image by the association of the Niouc suspension bridge.



Niouc Footbridge satellite image.



Niouc Footbridge location map.