Qingjiuhe Railway Bridge

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Qingjiuhe Railway Bridge
Shuangliuzhen, Guizhou, China
446 feet high / 136 meters high
315 foot span / 96 meter span

Qingjiuhe RailwayOnWebsite.jpg

One of the world's highest railway beam bridges, the Qingjiuhe Railway Bridge is the tallest and highest structure on the Jiuyong Railway line between Jiuchang and Yongwenxiang cities north of the giant city of Guiyang in central Guizhou Province. The bridge has a span configuration of 2x24+ 32+ 52+96+52+ 2x32+ 3x24 meters. The tallest pier is 96 meters.

Unlike the nearby Kaiyang to Guiyang high speed line, the Jiuyong Railway line will have a maximum speed of 120km/hour. Also on the Jiuyong line is the similar Leidayan Bridge with a height of around 100 meters.



Image by www.crfeb.cn.



Qingjiuhe Railway Bridge satellite image.



Qingjiuhe Railway Bridge location map.


A map of planned railway lines near Guiyang City. The Jiuyong Railway line is in brown at the top of the map.