San Nicola Arcella Bridge

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San Nicola Arcella Bridge
Ponte di San Nicola Arcella
San Nicola Arcella, Cosenza, Italy
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
(351) foot span / (107) meter span

Coastal route SS18 twists and winds along the western side of Italy for about 200 kilometers offering travelers hundreds of amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the pretty town of San Nicola Arcella route SS18 crosses two towering prestressed beam spans, both with main spans of approximately 107 meters. The northern crossing is called Ponte Saraceno while the southern crossing is named after San Nicola Arcella.

In 2016 there was concern over concrete deterioration in the piers and the spans.

San Nicola Arcella Bridge pier damage.

San Nicola Arcella Bridge satellite image.

San Nicola Arcella Bridge location map.