Sangushui Railway Bridge

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Sangushui Railway Bridge
Shizixiang, Yunnan, China
577 feet high / 176 meters high
(551) foot span / (168) meter span

Sangushui RailwayPiertop.JPG

Sangushui Railway Bridge is one of 4 giant beam bridges on the Yukun Chongqing to Kunming High Speed Railway. The cantilevered beam structure is 546.65 meters long with a main pier of 130 meters.

Several kilometers to the north is the Baishuijiang Railway Bridge.

Sangushui RailwayNorthSide2.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Sangushui RailwayNorthSide5.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /


Sangushui RailwayNorthSlope.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Sangushui RailwaySouthPiers.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Sangushui RailwayTempBridge.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Sangushui RailwayRebar2.JPG

Image by Eric Sakowski /

Sangushui RailwaySatellite.jpg

Sangushui Railway Bridge satellite image.


Sangushui Railway Bridge location map.