Shangba Railway Bridge

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Shangba Railway Bridge
Pingpu, Yunnan, China
417 feet high / 127 meters high
367 foot span / 112 meter span


Located just upstream of the G56 Expressway Shangba Bridge, the railway crossing is one of the higher spans along the Dali to Ruili Railway line in Yunnan Province.

Just 22 kilometers to the south is the giant Nujiang Railway arch bridge with a main span of 490 meters ranking among the 10 longest arch spans in the world.

The G56 Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway is a 4-lane route 2,935 kilometers long (1,824 miles). The expressway is one of the few in China to go all the way from the east coast to the western border. At Ruili, Yunnan the highway enters Muse, Burma where it becomes highway 3.



Stretching more then 2 kilometers in length, the G56 Nujiang River crossing is one of Yunnan's longest bridges with two main spans of 160 meters flanked by numerous approach spans including 26 spans of 50 meters on the east side.


The Nujiang River Bridge is 60 meters high. Image by Kamejune.


Shangba Railway Bridge satellite image.



Shangba Railway Bridge location map.


A map of the Dali to Ruili Railway line with the Nujiang River Bridge crossing at the very bottom left and the Lancangjiang River Bridge crossing in the upper right.