Shenshan Bridge

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Shenshan Bridge
Baiwanxiang, Sichuan, China
(410) feet high / (125) meters high
518 foot span / 158 meter span


Shenshan Bridge is part of a rebuild of the local road G317 from the reservoir that formed behind the massive Shuangjiangkou Dam. The Daduhe River has many dams across its waters but the earth fill Shuangjiangkou Dam is in a league of its own with a world record height of 312 meters.

The 346 meter long cantilevered 2-lane Shenshan beam structure has a main span of 158 meters. The east tunnel entrance leads to the similar sized Suomohe Bridge.

Several kilometers to the south is the giant Hongqi Bridge with a main span of 220 meters on piers 172 meters tall.


Shenshan Bridge satellite image.


Shenshan Bridge location map.


Route choice east of Hongqi bridge.JPG

Hongqi Bridge and tunnel that leads to the Suomohe Bridge.

G317 route.JPG

Daduhe dams.JPG

Daduhe Dams.