Shizijinghe Bridge

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Shizijinghe Bridge
Yingjing, Sichuan, China
367 feet high / 112 meters high
459 foot span / 140 meter span


This new beam bridge is one of 4 large and high crossings on the Yaxi Expressway in a mountainous region of southwestern Sichuan Province.

The crown jewel of the new highway is the Labajin beam bridge with one of the tallest bridge piers in the world at 182.5 meters. Unlike other big piers in China, the tallest piers on the Labajin Bridge were built with four steel corner columns that were filled with concrete and are connected by concrete slabs to form a hollow box structure. This unique type of pier has never been done before.

For the Shizijinghe Bridge, the piers were built more conventionally with reinforced concrete columns constructed with a rising formwork.

Image by www.qqbque..

A computer rendering of the finished span.



Yaxi Expressway Map.


A satellite view showing the Shizijinghe Bridge under construction.


Shizijinghe Bridge location map.