Silvela Viaduct

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Silvela Viaduct
Viaducto de Silvela
A6 Motorway, Spain
344 feet high / 105 meters high
122 foot span / 37 meter span


The Silvelas Viaduct is one of several towering bridges on the A6, Spain’s greatest high bridge highway. Completed in 2001, Silvelas has 10 short spans of 122 feet (37.3 mtrs) that seem to accentuate the slender piers - one which reaches 328 feet (100 mtr) in height.

Like several other viaducts along the A6 motorway, the Silvelas viaduct was first built with only the narrow center girder box beam that roughly supported the 2 center lanes of the bridge. Later on the deck was widened with steel extensions that were supported by diagonal brackets just below the deck. The bottom of the braces were then attached to the lower part of the box girder’s vertical web.

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