South Korea Bridges 90 to 100 meters

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With much of its structure hidden beneath the deep Chungju reservoir, the exact height of Shin Tanyang bridge (95 meters high) is unknown. The maximum pier height of this huge twin span structure is 262 feet (80 mtrs). The bridge is a key component of the Chungang Highway that stretches 174 miles (280 kms) between Wonju and Taegu in the central part of the country near Sobaek-san National Park and the Eight Wonders of Tanyang. The bridge was designed by Seo Yong Engineering and constructed by Dong Bu and is located just south of Danyang.

A beautiful green suspension footbridge strung between two cliffs, the 크기변환_하늘 bridge (90 meters high) has a main span of 295 feet (90 mtrs).