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  • ...over 800 of the highest bridges in North America as well as the 50 tallest bridges of the world. Throughout the history of bridges, the discussion of size has almost always focused on length - usually of th
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  • ...but easy to read text. With one exception, these books cover all types of bridges. Two great books from the early 1900s that would be worthy of this list I ...nclude the industry trade magazines Bridge Design and Engineering, Roads & Bridges, Engineering News-Record and Civil Engineering. There are also many fine i
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  •, the Fades Viaduct still holds its own as one of the 20 highest railway bridges in the world. ...8th, 1901 and September 11th, 1909. The bridge was inaugurated on October 10, 1909 and was put into service on October 20, 1909.
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  • ''World's Highest Bridge 2005-2009''<br /> ... in November of 2005, the 1,289 foot (393 mtr) high bridge also became the highest bridge of any kind in the world, taking the record away from China’s 2-ye
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  • [[Category:Bridges in Papua New Guinea]] [[Category:Top 10 Highest Bridges]]
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  • ... Balinghe and Beipanjiang Hukun bridges. Of the world's 400 or so highest bridges, Aizhai has the 3rd longest span with a tower to tower distance of 3,858 fe ...either side of the Aizhai bridge allowed the engineers to use the mountain top for the location of one of the towers, reducing its height to just 165 feet
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  • ... there are several Chinese railway lines planned that will contain railway bridges that will surpass Chenab in height. Chenab and Anjikhad bridges are located less than 10 miles (16 kms) north of the busy tourist town of Katra. Despite its small
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  • ''World's Highest Bridge 2001-2003''<br /> ...of being the only beam bridge in history that held the top spot among high bridges. The decision not to use an arch, suspension or cable stayed bridge was pr
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  • ...e Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial bridge, it is also the world’s highest concrete arch bridge. ...given the millions of people who will be photographing the bridge from the top of the dam. It also would have been an opportunity to make a more dynamic
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  • ... Rising 820 feet (250 mtrs) above the canyon floor, the bridge was the 3rd highest in the world upon its opening in 1974. The main span measures 1,181 feet ( ...o struts usually support 3 horizontal beam spans that carry the roadway on top.
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  • ...n of what a bridge is. If categorized as a footbridge, the Skywalk is the highest of its type in the world. ...m) thick and is made of five layers of glass. To prevent scratches on the top layer, visitors are required to wear shoe slippers. The structure can with
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  • ...223 mtr) high green giant still has the distinction of being the world’s highest cantilever bridge. ...r pier supports would have made it one of the most photogenic cable stayed bridges in the world. Hopefully the unique design will someday be used for a real
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  • Of North America’s 10 highest bridges, the Phil G McDonald or Glade Creek bridge is probably the least known. Lo ...Bridge”, Glade Creek still holds a record of its own as the “World’s Highest Truss Bridge”.
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  • ...ears later it seems hard to believe that it no longer ranks even among the top 80 with a height of 700 feet (213 mtrs). Crossing the Colorado River about arch bridges, Glen Canyon is the 10th highest in the world and the 3rd highest in North America after the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial / Hoover
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  • the Kochertal Viaduct opened in 1979 in Germany. Italy has 6 of the 10 highest bridge piers in Europe. Sente also has two of Italy’s longest steel beam ... the elegance and beauty of Sente’s slender piers which taper out at the top and bottom. The design is credited to engineers Vittorio, Sergio Scalesse
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  • ...e for the method by which it was built. Like many classic Italian highway bridges of the 1970s and 80s, its construction involved the dramatic movement of so ...s are among Europe’s 10 highest, rising 435 feet (132.5 meters) from the top of the foundations to the underside of the box beam.
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  • Upon its completion in 1927, the Twin Falls-Jerome bridge was the third highest in the world, exceeded only by the Sidi M’Cid suspension bridge in Consta ...o even smaller panels. The two main towers stood 370 feet (113 mtrs) from top of foundation to road deck. Protruding out of each tower were river arms m
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  • The highest bridge in Portugal at the time of its completion in 1987, the Coa bridge (9 The highest bridge located within the Lisbon city region, the Loureiro Viaduct (92 mete
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  • ...290 mtr) span is still high enough to rank second among Canada’s highest bridges at 420 feet (128 mtrs). Opened in 1972, the bridge is used for Tailings, s Similkameen River Ore Conveyor (bottom) and Pipeline Bridge (top) satellite image.
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  • ...e stayed bridges in the world surpassing even the Millau Viaduct, Europe's highest bridge. It is the crown jewel of the greatest bridge and tunnel highway pr ...nly in China and Italy are there highways with a larger collection of high bridges.
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