Tian'e Longtan Bridge

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Tian'e Longtan Bridge
Tian'e, Guangxi, China
(951) feet high / (290) meters high
1,969 foot span / 600 meter span


Upon completion in 2023, the Tian'e Longtan Bridge became the longest span arch bridge in the world at 600 meters. Unlike previous record breaking arch spans that have always been made of steel, the Longtan Tianhu Bridge is made of concrete. Steel was only used internally as part of a skeleton core that was encased in concrete. Prior to Tian'e Longtan Bridge, the longest concrete arch was the Beipanjiang Qinglong Railway Bridge with a span of 445 meters.

The total length of the Tian'e Longtan Bridge is 2,539 meters with the main bridge being 760 meters long and 26 meters wide. The tallest pier measures 120 meters. As a comparison the Beipanjiang Qinglong Railway Bridge arch has a maximum pier height of 102 meters. The deck is approximately 150 meters above a full reservoir with another 140 meters to the original Hongshui River level.

Tian'e Longtan Bridge was built by the Guangxi Highway and Bridge Corporation who are also responsible for the steel Pingnan #3 arch in Guangxi Province which was the previous world record arch with a span of 575 meters.

The Tian'e Longtan concrete arch bridge crosses a deep reservoir along the Hongshuihe River just upstream of the Longtan Dam in Tian‘e County, Guangxi and is one of several large bridges along the mountainous Nandan to Xialaoxiang Expressway that links the G75 and G69 expressways.

Several years later a parallel bridge with a cable stayed design will cross the reservoir on the Pingtang to Tian'e to Fengshan expressway.

Longtan Tianhu Bridge Render large.jpg

Tian'e Longtan Bridge with s slightly different approach span design configuration with a full cantilevered beam bridge.


Longtan Tianhu Bridge.jpg

Tian'e Longtan Render.jpeg


Tian'e SideDiagram.jpg

Tian'e longtanTrussBlueHighline.jpg

Tian'e longtanClosureSkeleton.jpg

Tian'e longtanDownTrussClosure.jpg

Tian'e longtanLonglensCableStays.jpg

Tian'e longtanLakeBlueHighline.jpg

Tian'e longtanLiftLake.jpg

Tian'e longtanHighlineArchLake.jpg

TianeBy entretenimientoinfantil.jpg

Tian'e longtanArchLift.jpg

Tian'e longtanSectionPlacement.jpg

Tian'e longtanSecondSection.jpg

Tian'e longtanFirstSectionFoundation.jpg




Longtan Tianhu animationGrab.jpg

Tian'e Longtan Bridge with the planned Pingtang to Tian'e to Fengshan cable stayed expressway bridge in the background.











Longtan Tianhu Foundation.jpg

Tian'e Longtan2.jpg

Longtan Tianhu Foundation2.jpg

Longtan Tianhu BridgeSide.jpg

Tian'eSatelliteJuly 28 2020.jpg

Tian'e Longtan Bridge satellite image.

Longtan Tianhu BridgeLocation.jpg

Longtan Tianhu BridgeLocationMap.jpg

Tian'e Longtan Bridge location map.

Longtan Tianhu BridgeLocationMapWide.jpg