Valgadena Bridge

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Valgadena Bridge
Viadotto Valgadena
Foza, Veneto, Italy
512 feet high / 156 meters high
492 foot span / 150 meter span

Image by Dicata.

Located high up in the mountainous Plateau of the Seven Communes in Italy’s Veneto region between the small towns of Foza and Enego, the Valgadena bridge carries a local 2-lane road 500 feet (152 mtrs) above a precipitous, rocky gorge. A simple 3-span continuous rigid-frame bridge with a bright, white finish, the Viadotto Valgadena was constructed to bypass a dangerous provincial road that traveled through three narrow tunnels and along slopes where landslides and falling boulders were becoming all too common. The large 492 foot (150 mtr) main span is supported on two piers that extend 269 feet (82 mtrs) down into the canyon. The single cell box girder is 11.5 feet (3.5 mtrs) deep at the crown and 30 feet (9 mtrs) deep over the piers. Bungee jumping is allowed from the bridge.


Valgadena Bridge Elevation


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Valgadena Bridge satellite image.


A curving viaduct near the Valgadena Bridge.