Viaur Highway Viaduct

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Viaur Highway Viaduct
Viaduc Viaur
Tanus Viaduct
Viaduc Tanus
Tanus, Tarn, France
394 feet high / 120 meters high
623 foot span / 190 meter span


Image by Daviddb.

One of the largest prestressed concrete beam bridges in France, the Viaur Viaduct has a central span of 623 feet (190 mtrs) and crosses 394 feet (120 mtrs) above the Tarn River. The haunched girder comes to an unusually narrow point at the base of the V-shaped box cell where it meets the top of the pier. Completed in 1998, the bridge was designed by Philippe Fraleu and Pierre Loyer. Dodin, SOGEA and Spie Batignolles were the contractors.


Image by Daviddb.


Image by Setra.


Image by Bob Cortright.


Viaur Viaduct satellite image showing the highway bridge on the left and the railway bridge on the right.