Wujiang Bridge Zunyu

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Wujiang Bridge Zunyu
Shilianxiang, Guizhou, China
814 feet high / 248 meters high
1,706 foot span / 520 meter span

Wujiang Bridge Zunyu Render.jpg

Despite a length of only 83 kilometers, the Zunyu expressway is another one of Guizhou's impressive mountain routes filled with high bridges including 2 spectacular suspension bridges a quarter of a kilometer in height.

The Wujiang Bridge is the largest of the two truss stiffened suspension crossings that also includes the Xiangjiang Bridge. The center of the 520 meter long main truss deck is approximately 142 meters above the surface of the Wujiang River reservoir formed by the giant Goupitan Dam downstream. The deep waters make for another 106 meters of hidden height.

The Wujiang Zunyu Bridge is located at kilometer 48 and has a total deck length of 700 meters with a span configuration of 2x30+520+4x30 meters.

The route connecting Zunyi with Yuqing has several other high beam bridges including Tiantang, Luoquandong, Shanwangding, Dongguagou, Wanggangzui and Shuimaikeng #1 Bridges.


Wujiang Bridge Zunyu satellite image.


Wujiang Bridge Zunyu location map.

Wujiang bridge Zunyu with Goupitan reservoir.JPG

ZunyuExpressway copy.jpg

Zunyu expressway map.

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