Yanjin Guanhe Bridge

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Yanjin Guanhe Bridge
Yanjin, Yunnan, China
(1,148) feet high / (350) meters high
2,887 foot span / 880 meter span

Yanjin Guanhe 880mtrTruss.jpeg

Yanjin Guanhe Bridge is a large truss stiffened suspension bridge with a main span of 880 meters. The crossing is the highest along the Yongshan to Yanjin Expressway in Yunnan Province. The east end of the expressway joins the Yibin to Zhaotong Expresway.


Yanjin GuanheAerial2.jpg

Yanjin GuanheAerial.jpg

Yanjin GuanheAerial3.jpg


Yanjin Guanhe Bridge satellite image.


Yanjin Guanhe Bridge location map.