Yunmengshan Glass Platform

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Yunmengshan Glass Platform
Qixian, Henan, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
(262) foot span / (80) meter span

Yunmengshan Glass13.jpg

Yunmengshan Glass Platform juts out from a mesa several hundred meters above the valley floor within the Yunmengshan scenic area in Henan Province. Also within this popular tourist spot is a glass footbridge and cliff elevator.

Yunmengshan Glass12.jpg

Yunmengshan Glass17.jpg

Yunmengshan Glass10.jpg

Yunmengshan Glass14.jpg

Yunmengshan GlassSky.jpg

Yunmengshan Glass2.jpeg

Yunmengshan Glass4.jpeg

Yunmengshan Glass.jpeg

Yunmengshan Glass3.jpeg

Yunmengshan Glass elevator.jpeg

Yunmengshan Glass5.jpeg

Yunmengshan GlassPlatform.jpg

Yunmengshan Glass Platform satellite image.

Yunmengshan GlassLocationWide.jpg

Yunmengshan Glass Platform location map.