Zishui Bridge Malukou

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Zishui Bridge Malukou
Anhua, Hunan, China
(377) feet high / (115) meters high
1,640 foot span / 500 meter span

Zishui 75mtrAboveRes.jpg

The 1,187 meter long Zishui Bridge Malukou is located along the Guanzhuangzhen to Langtangzhen section of the G59 expressway between Zhangjiajie and Xinhua. Two towers as tall as 202.4 meters support a main span of 500 meters. The deck is approximately 75 meters above a deep reservoir.

Zishui Bridge Malukou.jpg

Zishui Bridge Malukou Const.jpg

Zishui Bridge MalukouSatellite.jpg

Zishui Bridge Malukou satellite image.

Zishui Bridge MalukouSatelliteWide.jpg

Zishui Bridge MalukouLocation.jpg

Zishui Bridge Malukou location map.

Zishui Bridge MalukouLocationWide.jpg