Big Nurnus Bridge

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Big Nurnus Bridge
Hrazdan River Bridge
Yerevan, Armenia
397 feet high / 121 meters high
525 foot span / 160 meter span


A huge continuous truss with inclined legs, the Hrazdan River Railway bridge crosses 397 feet (121 mtrs) above the famous river canyon in the northern part of Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan. The third highest dual use bridge in the world, the top level carries a roadway while the lower level carries the Masis-Nurnus rail line. The Russian design was completed in 1981. The Hrazdan is one of the largest rivers in Armenia. If you visit Yerevan, also be sure to check out the massive 322 foot (98 mtr) high Kievyan arch bridge which carries six lanes of traffic across the Hrazdan River in the heart of the city as well as the Davitashen, a steel beam bridge with three 262 foot (80 mtr) spans that cross 302 feet (92 mtrs) above the Hrazdan River just north of the city.



Big Nurnus / Hrazdan River Bridge satellite image.