Chahe Railway Bridge

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Chahe Railway Bridge
Qinglong, Guizhou
(525) feet high / 160 meters high
551 foot span / 168 meter span


Located 14 kilometers west of the giant Beipanjiang arch bridge, the Chahe Bridge is the second highest bridge on the amazing high speed dual track railway line between Shanghai and Kunming. The Cha River is a tributary of the giant Beipanjiang River that cuts across Guizhou Province and has the greatest collection of super high bridges of any river in the world. The only other high bridge on the entire Shanghai-Kunming line is the Balinghe Bridge to the east which also has a main span of 168 meters.

Chahe Bridge carries trains going 250 kilometers an hour across a 481 meter concrete beam structure with a span configuration of 32 +88+168+88 +36+56+36 meters. The tallest pier measures 103 meters. The crossing is located at kilometer 896.



Chahe Railway Bridge satellite image.



Chahe Railway Bridge location map. In the upper right is the Beipanjiang River where the railway line crosses the longest span concrete arch in the world at 445 meters.