Baishaxi Bridge

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Baishaxi Bridge
Nanzhaixiang, Guizhou, China
466 feet high / 142 meters high
492 foot span / 150 meter span


Baishaxi Bridge is one of several high beam spans along the Jianli Expressway in Eastern Guizhou Province. The 507 meter long crossing has a main span configuration of 81+150+81 meters with approach spans of 30 meters supported on piers as tall as 106 meters.

Just to the north is the dual concrete Jianli arches over the Qingshui River with a main span of 248 meters. The reservoir beneath both bridges was formed by the Sanbanxi Hyroelectric power station across the Qingshui River with a full water level of 475 meters.

Other high beam bridges along the Jianli Expressway include the Nanzhaixi and Nanmengxi Bridges.


Baishaxi Satellite.jpg

Baishaxi Bridge satellite image.

JianliExpresswayMap close.jpg

Baishaxi Bridge location map.



Sanbanxi Dam satellite view from around 2004 when the dam was nearing completion.