Colagne Bridge

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Colagne Bridge
Viaduc Colagne
Monastier-Pin-Mories, Lozère, France
(410) feet high / (125) meters high
623 foot span / 190 meter span


Another beautiful French prestressed beam bridge, the Colagne viaduc connects route 88 to the A75 motorway by cutting across a wide valley with an appropriately wide main span of 623 feet (190 mtrs). As with most French viaducts, the piers are especially elegant with a curvy oval cross section accented by a subtle slit running up the sides. My height figure is an estimate based on the known height of the highest pier at 356 feet (108.5 mtrs). André Mascarelli is the talented architect.

The satellite view above shows the bridge site before construction began. The road map below shows the same area.

Colagne Bridge Elevation


A map of the Colagne Bridge area and crossing.

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