Danyang Bridge

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Danyang Bridge
Danyang-eup, Chungbuk, South Korea
338 feet high / 103 meters high
361 foot span / 110 meter span


Danyang Bridge is one of South Korea's first high level bridges to exceed 100 meters. The maximum pier height of this twin span viaduct is 80 meters with much of the bridge height hidden below the Chungju reservoir.

Danyang bridge is a key component of the Jungang 55 Highway that stretches 280 kilometers between Wonju and Daegu in the central part of the country near Sobaek-san National Park and the Eight Wonders of Tanyang. The bridge was designed by Seo Yong Engineering and constructed by Dong Bu and is located just south of Danyang.


DanyangBy sohye lee.jpg

Image by soye lee.

DanyangBridgeBy sohye lee.jpg

Image by soye lee.

Danyang Bridge and Jeokseong Bridge 2.JPG


Danyang Bridge satellite image.



Danyang Bridge location map.