El Kantara Bridge

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El Kantara Bridge
Pont El Kantara
Constantine, Algeria
(410) feet high / (125) meters high
(420) foot span / (128) meter span


One of 4 famous bridges that cross the Rhumel River gorge in Constantine, Algeria, the Kantara bridge is the oldest and has taken several different forms over the years from a Roman style multi-arch bridge to an 1863 French iron arch to its current form as a concrete arch bridge. Like the higher Sidi M’Cid bridge, there is a unique, natural “bridge” almost directly under the span that blocks much of the river from view. Partial remains of the earlier stone bridges can still be seen on top of this natural bridge.


El Kantara Bridge postcard showing the beautiful iron lattice work within the original 1863 arch. The span was replaced with the current concrete arch sometime after 1912 as the Sidi M’Cid suspension bridge can be seen in the background.


El Kantara Bridge construction postcard of the original 1863 arch.


El Kantara Bridge postcard.


El Kantara Bridge postcard.


El Kantara Bridge postcard.


El Kantara Bridge postcard.


The original El Kantara stone Bridge. Only the lower tier of arches still remain.


El Kantara Bridge satellite image.

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