Eto Bridge

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Eto Bridge
Kitakata, Miyazaki, Japan
328 feet high / 100 meters high
902 foot span / 275 meter span


The Japanese love painting their arch bridges red. There is possibly no better example than the artful Eto bridge. One of Japan’s longest spanning steel arch spans at 902 feet (275 mtrs), the bridge is one of many high bridges in Japan’s best bridge prefecture - Miyazaki. The bold color is matched by the design which required an asymmetrical profile with one side of the truss arch terminating into the foundation 79 feet (24 mtrs) higher than the other side. Only China's Youshui Railway arch bridge has a greater foundation height differential at 48.4 meters.

There is no other region in Japan that has as many high bridges than the Takachiho Gorge Scenic Area of Miyazaki Prefecture. Within a distance of just 30 kilometers the Gokase and Iwato River canyons are crossed by no less than 15 high bridges.

Several of these spectacular crossings were the highest in Japan including Tensho, Seiun and Unkai Bridges. The Takachiho Railway Bridge is still the highest railway crossing in Japan even if it not longer operates with regular trains.




Eto Bridge satellite image.


Eto Bridge location map.