Kushma Mudikuwa Footbridge

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Kushma Mudikuwa Footbridge
Kushma, Parbat, Nepal
(384) feet high / (117) meters high
1,178 foot span / 359 meter span

Kushma Madikuwa By Narayan Gurung.JPG

Image by Narayan Gurung

The Kushma Mudikuwa Footbridge follows the Kushma Gyadi catenary suspension footbridge as one of the world’s highest of its type.

The mountain city of Parbat has since become a hot spot of giant footbridges with a total of four spans that rank among the longest and highest footbridges in the world. These include the 347 meter long Kushma Balewa Footbridge, the 344 meter long Kushma Gyadi Footbridge and in 2019 the Kushma Bungy Footbridge with span of approximately 490 meters making it the longest span footbridge in Asia.

KushmaMudikuwa By Konvicted Faltu boys.jpg

Image by Konvicted Faltu boys.

KushmaMudikuwa By Sameer Regmi.jpg

The Kushma Balewa Footbridge in the foreground and the Kushma Mudikuwa Footbridge behind it. Image by Sameer Regmi.


Image by Dineshchhetri.


KushmaMudikuwaBy Bh Kafle.jpg

Image by Bh Kafle.



KushmaMudikuwa By Bh Kafle.jpg

Image by Bh Kafle.

KushmaMudikuwaByPradeep Paudel.jpg

Image by Pradeep Paudel.



Kushma Mudikuwa Footbridge location map.

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